Sunday School

The OPA’s Children’s Bible Study Programme (CBSP), similar to Sunday School in other parts of the world, was set up in February 1984 on the lines of the Biblical doctrine: “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.” Since then, it has been playing a pivotal role in bringing up children in the right path to serve the Almighty. Today, hundreds of children, who once learned the word of God at the Children’s Bible Study Programme, are in different parts of the world witnessing the Lord.

The Children’s Bible Study Programme is held Online over Zoom. This enables them to witness Jesus Christ to the world at an early age itself. There are 14 standards – from beginners to the Eleventh level with twenty-nine divisions. As many as thirty-one teachers provide coaching to over 270 children.

The CBSP conducts annual talent tests in six categories (beginners, Kinder Garten (KG), sub-juniors, juniors, intermediates, and sub-seniors) to encourage the children and reiterate the teachings of the Bible. The items for Talent Test include solo, group song, elocution, Bible quiz, memory verse, drawing and coloring, storytelling, instrumental music, poetry writing, story writing, essay writing, PowerPoint Presentation, etc.

Over the years, the OPA CBSP has achieved considerable progress, thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team of teachers. It is headed by the Pastor and the faculty comprises of a principal, a vice-principal, and other teachers. Children of non-Pentecostal families also attend classes, which eventually results in saving not only the children but also the entire family for God

Sunday School Committee

President: Pastor A Y Thomas

Principal: Br. V V Wilson

Vice Principal & Council Representative: Br. Benny Sam

Treasurer: Br. Jaison Chacko