Sahodharee Samajam

The church has a sisters fellowship called Sahodharee Samajam which, by its range of activities and ever-growing membership, offers an opportunity for them to involve in the ministry and to enhance their leadership qualities. Every second Wednesday of the month, the Sahodharee Samajam meets at the Bible Society Hall, Ruwi, between 8 and 9.30 pm, to worship the Lord and to intercede for those facing hardships. The Samajam has been lending considerable financial support to charitable activities like building houses for the needy, conducting marriages of girls from impoverished families and educational support for underprivileged children, etc.  Another noteworthy effort is the annual auction, which it conducts on the sidelines of its anniversary, to raise funds for charity.

OPA Sahodharee Samajam Samajam, the sister’s fellowship works under the leadership of a secretary, a treasurer, and two committee members, in addition to the Pastor of the church who serves as president. A team of compassionate and diligent sisters work behind the success of the fellowship.

Sahodharee Samajam Team 2023-24

Pr A Y Thomas
Sis. Mabil Mathew
Sis. Mareena Binu
Sis Jincy Rony
Committee Member
Sis Shiny Steve
Committee Member